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Recently LAID off from your job attend our FREE

             Microsoft Office Professional and Quick Books Course 

                                  This course may be 100% funded by the One Stop Center to those who qualify.

FREE Microsoft Office Professional/Quick Books starts:  January 24, 2018

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All Training Programs are New Jersey State Certified and/or Approved by the:

  •     One Stop Career Center funding

  •     Veterans Administration

  •     NJ Department of Labor

  •     NJ Department of Education

  •     Atlantic County Intergenerational Services

  •     SJ Technology Education Foundation

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      All on-campus classes require a minimum of six students and maximum of ten!

      In Class Hours:   Monday, Tuesday,  Wednesday, hours of:  9am to 4:30pm                                                                        Hybrid class days Thursday and Friday.

Self PAY ON-LINE Hours:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday:  6:30pm to 9:30pm – live instructor

Free TABE training for clients interested in attending the T.Byrd CENTER

Free CAREER Counseling for clients interested in attending the T.Byrd CENTER

FREE On-Line CONFERENCE right from your Pc or Smart Device!

Attend one of our FREE On-Line-WEBINAR CONFERENCE Every Monday at 11am or 6:30pm

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Training is FREE to those who may Qualify via the One Stop Center!

Register NOW!  Register NOW!  Register NOW!   Register NOW!   Register NOW!   for our FREE  Microsoft Office and Quick Books certification On-Line TRAINING webinar.

The T.Byrd Training Center hosts our On-Line TRAINING Webinar every Monday 11am and 6:30pm.  This conference is for   individuals who are laid off or about to be laid off and are interested in getting certified in Microsoft Office and Quick Books for a new career or is working full time and is interested in taking our On-Line courses. Simply register by calling 609-484-9356 or you may register at:


1.      How to obtain a Free Training Grant from the One Stop Center

2.      Scholarship and Self Pay Options

3.      Presentation on our Ms Office Professional and Quick Books Certification and other courses

4.      Changing Careers

5.      What career options you will have after becoming certified in Microsoft Office

6.      Starting Salary you can expect

7.      Class Start Dates

8.      Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

FREE “Changing Careers with new Technology Skills” eBook.  Registration and completion of Free On-Line conference is required.  To receive your access code to join the conference call by calling 609-484-9356                       


SEE OUR CLASS LIST at:    T.Byrd Course List

SENIORS TECHNOLOGY TRAINING PROGRAM – 60+ :  September 2017  – 9:30am Monday and Wednesdays

Seniors Technology Training SERIES LEVEL ONE

Seniors Technology Training SERIES LEVEL TWO

Self Employed EXPO starts:  Every Tuesday at 10:30am ONLINE ONLY!

  • Microsoft Office Training Series for Beginners:   Every Wednesday – 10:30am to 12 noon Flyer
  • Today’s Technology Devices:   Wednesdays –  1:30pm-3:00pm  Flyer  call for more info